The Tea On Four TEA Four

Hey, I'm B! I'm an astrologer, intuitive, and nature lover.

Seven years ago, I started on a spiritual journey because I was unhappy with where I was in life. I knew I needed change, but didn’t know where to begin. Once I got started, I was quickly overwhelmed with information. So I started documenting what helped me transform my dissatisfaction into self awareness, purpose, healing, and most importantly happiness. It became my mission to help others avoid the frustration I felt when getting started, and to share that information in the simplest way possible.

It wasn’t until I started this journey that I realized how instrumental plant life was so closely aligned with the planetary energies, and in helping us to heal and reach our goals. There weren’t many products on the market that were made of high quality ingredients, and that would help me target specific issues. So I started blending teas and oils for personal use during my moon rituals, and this is how Four TEA Four was born.

I understand that everyone doesn’t have the time or desire to become an herbal expert, but everyone should be able to have access to all-natural products that are easy to use and help them reach their personal goals. I hope you find as much value from these products as I have. 

Highest vibrations,