The tea on Four TEA Four



Hi, I'm Beverly - an astrologer, intuitive, and nature lover.

Many years ago, I was much like you. Searching for answers on how to improve my journey. Although I was following society's plan of what a "successful" life should look like, it still felt like something major was missing. It was then that I started on journey of self discovery that lead me to astrology and natural healing. 

Through this process I came across a lot of information, but one thing that intrigued me was how instrumental nature was to our spiritual development and how closely it tied to astrology. Each plant has a planetary influence that gives it more than just a medicinal use -- they have spiritual powers as well. Plants can be used to tap into energies that can help us accelerate our healing, manifestations, and ascension.

Once I learned this, I wanted to start incorporating herbs into my own rituals, but there weren’t many products on the market that were made of high quality ingredients. So I started blending my own herbs for my moon rituals, and was able to see great results in my personal life. It then became my mission to help others experience the same, and this is how Four TEA Four was born. Our products are all-natural herbal infusions that are easy to use and feel good to the soul. I know you will find as much value from these products as I have. 

Highest vibrations,